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Welcome to Bartos/Frederick Angus

We have been producing registered and commercial Angus cattle for       35 years.    Keith Bartos was the person with the dream of producing outstanding Angus cattle.  As time went on he and his family started selling bulls and bred heifers. 

Keith started using AI on commercial Angus cows back in 1970. Keith's dad (Emil) helped him get started with Angus cattle and helped him feed out his calves. Keith started keeping back some top calves as bulls for the herd. As time went on, he started selling a few bulls to neighbors and friends. Keith started adding a few registered cows to the herd and 2009
Annual Production Sale

February 4th

65% of the herd is registered. The 2009 sale in February was the 16th annual production sale.  

In 2007 Keith died of cancer.   We, the family, are trying to carry on the dream of having some of the best Angus cattle.  We want to help our customers to achieve a goal to be paid the highest price for their cattle. We still sell by the pound but the Angus cattle are efficient and are in demand by feedlots and packers. 

We welcome VISITORS at anytime.  Please take a look around and contact us with any questions.

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